How To Style a Camisole, the Underpinning Must-Have for Fall

You might recall the slip dress was all the rage about a year ago. Now it’s time to embrace another lingerie item: the lace camisole! Cost per wear, camisoles offer an incredible value being both versatile and essential to a well curated wardrobe. There are many sweaters and tops that we would otherwise avoid if not for the perfect cami. With such a wide variety of styles available from designers, it’s fairly easy to locate this staple at any price point.

TSALT has a wonderful selection from Gold Hawk this fall. If you haven’t heard of Gold Hawk, the brand has made it their mission to provide women with a quality garment designed with elegance, incredible fit, and timelessness.The colors you’ll see at TSALT are in luscious, rich shades like navy, green, steel, and ochre.

So just how do you incorporate a beautiful camisole into your wardrobe? Below are a few tips and inspirational looks that I hope will prompt a trip to TSALT where you can explore the beauty of Gold Hawk camisoles.

  • Wear a strapless, smooth-cupped bra underneath your camisole for a polished look.
  • Wear a silk camisole under a buttoned up blazer or cardigan at the office for a hint of feminine charm.
  • Tuck your camisole into a ladylike skirt and pair with heels, booties, or sneakers; think of it like your cotton tank but more elevated for fall.
  • A simple pairing of a lace-trimmed camisole with the antithesis of boyfriend jeans or a wide-leg trouser will balance your masculine and feminine sides.
  • Wear a silk camisole with a kimono or robe-style jacket and jeans for a bohemian vibe.
  • Keep it loose — a camisole with a more float-y, relaxed fit will ultimately be more flattering. Keep that skin-to-fabric ratio in mind.
  • Keep in mind the overall look you are going for. Tight jeans may not be the best choice for a camisole. A looser fitting pant will keep the look balanced.
  • If you are fuller busted, opt for lace trims on a more substantial, tank-like cami with thicker straps, or wear it as the underpinning with a jacket or sweater. Also, consider a cami with a more conservative, straight-across neckline. Don’t forget to accessorize your neckline with a series of simple necklaces or a classic choker.
  • Silk and crepe camisoles should be hand washed in a delicate detergent (dry flat) or dry cleaned to preserve the color, shape, and fit.


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