Unicorns & Dinos: Your Toy List Must-Haves (and Where To Find Them for Less than $20)

Oh what fun it is…to be a parent at the holidays! First you have to figure out what the hot fads of the year are, and then figure out where to get them. And because you always want to be a good member of your community you want to shop local, but also have this little thing called a budget, which can sometimes make shopping small difficult. Yep, we get it!

That’s why when curating our 2017 holiday gift collection at 529 Kids Consign, we stayed true to our forever commitment to affordability. But we also made sure to stock our shelves with what those kiddos really want. Here are five items you’ll find that are sure to glisten under the menorah, sparkle under the Christmas tree, and make any kid smile.

1. Unicorn Headbands  As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, the unicorn trend is everywhere this year. From those colorful Frappuccinos from Starbucks to the colorful fantasy-inspired pool floats we saw all summer, to rainbow colored hair streaks, this fad just keeps getting more and more popular and more than likely your kiddos want in on it! These headbands are a great way for your little ones to get in on the fun with these fun accessories. $6

2. Unicorn and Dragon Trophy Heads  For your little mystical child that always wants something special for their bedroom or play space, we’re loving this unicorn bust! It’s a splurge item for sure, but very well made and worth the look on their face when they open it! $62.50

3. Rainbow Unicorn Sneezes  This last unicorn find is a toy we’re loving! It features an air powered ball toy that can be launched from the magical unicorn popper. It’s sure to provide hours of fun for your little one! $10

4. Dinosaur Finger Tattoo Puppet Show  You might have seen the dino fingerlings on a large internet retailer (which will remain nameless), but these tattoos are for a puppet show and are a great, interactive way to fulfill your kiddos prehistoric playtime wishes! $7.50

5. Grow! Dino! Grow!  These hatch and grow dino eggs will delight your little one right before their eyes. Once placed in water, they’re in for a fun dinosaur figurine surprise! $10

6. Organic Farm Farm Buddies  Well, this bonus gift isn’t a unicorn or dinosaur, but it’s another animal-themed favorite just right for baby! These soft, organic cotton stuffed animals are perfect cuddle buddies for your bambino. We’re particularly fond of these giraffes but you can also find moose, frogs, foxes, and raccoons at our store, too. $15.50

We hope this helps you as you’re putting together your holiday shopping list! As a busy mom myself, I know the importance of one stop-shopping and keeping to a budget. We would love to see you this holiday season, whether it’s to pick up some of these gift ideas, to consign your best winter clothing, or to find something stylish for you or your little one to wear.

Happy Holidays!


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