Upholstery Sale Design Inspiration, Part Four: Lindsay Boudreaux of Shotgun Double

“Where do I start?” is the question everyone asks when faced with a big home project. The answer is easy. Find that one thing that, as Marie Kondo would say, sparks joy and start there. It could be a piece of art, a family heirloom, memories of summer vacation, or a souvenir from your travels. There is no rule that dictates a beginning point. You start with what inspires you and take your cues from it.



I’m beyond excited to share the last upholstery sale design inspiration with you because it’s the perfect demonstration of finding a starting point and running with it. This time, Lindsay Boudreaux of Shotgun Double has taken inspiration that is deeply personal to her and created an amazing room. Pulling from her native New Orleans and the 50th anniversary of Jazz Fest, Lindsay has created a fantastic room that doesn’t scream, but lightly nods to her inspiration. Here is what she has to say about her design:


“I love the artsy/musical vibe and the Southern, sub-tropical aesthetic.
I imagine this to be a social space – jazz records spinning and wild
conversation over Bourbon Mules. New Orleans, to me, is all about big,
festive statements, layered textures, and veiled restraint.”



Jazz Fest posters from years past are her starting point and, as you can see, she has pulled the colors and feel from the artwork, but nothing other than the vintage record player is a literal interpretation of it. Pulling the verdant greens from the posters into the chair and sofa fabrics and the paint color is the first step. Then adding that gorgeous wallpaper, and actual plant, to tie in the plant life from the poster.

And, instead of actually hanging the posters, she pulls in this incredible abstract painting by Kristin Try, another of our design partners, to bring in the warm glow of the light coming through the windows. I also love how she used the blue version of the lamp to tie into the blue in the wallpaper. Speaking of lighting, the chandelier is designed by New Orleans interior designer Julie Neill and adds to the free-form artistry of Jazz Fest.

To cap it all off, just like all of our other designers, Lindsay used texture to finish the room. The wool rug, the leather (yes, I said leather) bookcase, the animal print ottomans, and the wood grain in the ebony chair all round out the design beautifully. All together this room is a stunning homage to Jazz Fest.

If you have a starting point, but are not sure where to go, then consider one of our wonderful designers. You can see the other answers to our design challenge here, here, and here. During the month of February is an excellent time to kick off your project because it’s our semi-annual upholstery sale. Every day, Cisco Brothers upholstery is 20 percent off, but in February we take an additional 10 percent off, which can stretch your budget even farther.

Feel free to reach out to any of our partners directly, but if you’d like a little extra help deciding who would be right for you, then please email us at hello@redbarnmercantile.com. We look forward to helping you create the room that inspires you!


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