street style: vina sananikone

Vina’s style formula is very simple: shoes, dresses, cardigans, necklaces, and glasses. “I like dresses I can twirl in, doubly so if there are pockets. Pockets are great because I’m always on-the-go between the restaurants and, being the Eat Good Food Group Multimedia Maven (aka Twitter/Facebook/Instagram queen), I always have my phone on me.”


You can usually find her at Society Fair, photographing pastries, sampling sweets, and twirling in the wine bar. Queen of high-low, Vina’s look is part-thrifted but her infinity scarf is from The Shoe Hive. Our favorite part of her look? Her gold V pendant (also from The Shoe Hive) is paired with her parents’ original wedding rings.




Photos by Rashmi Pappu

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  1. So honored to be featured for Alexandria Stylebook’s Street Style! Much thanks to Rashmi for giving me a reason to twirl in my favorite dress—not that I really needed one— and allowing me to feed her pink cake. (Then again, who can say no to pink cake?) Happy to be a part of this great city. Thanks, Stylebook! Visit me at the Fair anytime!

    – vina S.

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