So You Want Your Child To Be a College Athlete? (Part 2)

What does it mean to give your kid confidence? What does it mean for them to understand how to move their body in a way that prevents injury?

It’s the difference between a great attitude, win or lose.  It’s the feeling you’ve contributed to your team and it means they carry themselves with a little spring in their step and hold their head high.

We have a team at FOR who have experienced themselves — at the high school and college levels – what it means to learn confidence in their sport. Each one has spent time focused on what matters.  All four know it boils down to building confidence.

Meet Erica

Erica shared her journey in the world of competitive soccer starting at a young age, culminating with a storied career at the Division I level. If you missed her story, click here. Here is what one student athlete says about her sport after working with Erica:

Meet Remi

Remi recalls how his track coach, Mary, helped define “character.”  Mary taught him determination and to never quit. Remi says, “I was never really fast, but her words pushed me.”

Practicing for track meets “was a life-changing experience because I was really bad. So bad that I was placed in the ‘speed walking’ team. LOL. I kept working and eventually got it. That seemed to be the theme of my life. I’m grateful that Coach Mary never gave up on me! Truly.”

This is quintessential Remi. Humble and determined.

In his “time off,” Remi “pays it forward.”  He hosts “pop-up workouts” at playgrounds around Prince George’s County, where he lives. He wants all kids to have the opportunity to learn to move correctly and to build confidence like we teach at FOR. He says, “…inner city kids can’t afford personal training…I volunteer my time to teach kids how to move during the weekends.” Remi says, “It keeps me grounded.”

Student athletes at FOR turn to Remi as a coach, friend, and mentor. They trust and respect him. What else do you want from a coach? Learn more about Remi here.

Meet Alex 

You’ve met Alex in a previous post and have learned he is an accomplished athlete, working toward his Master’s in Exercise Science with concentrations in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention, and coaches at the high school and college levels.

He holds at least a dozen certifications in the fitness industry. He is uber-qualified to help your student. Learn more about Alex here.

Meet Chavon 

Although Chavon has had many athletic achievements, her most confidence-boosting sport was basketball, which she played from age eight through high school. She says, “I learned to be a part of a team, how to work with others, how to better communicate, how to lead (I was team captain), and how to lose.”

Her athletic knowledge and experience is the gift she offers student athletes. She says, “Sports are fun, so training should be challenging and fun.”

Chavon’s “off season” sport was Track and Field. She excelled at it so much she competed in the North Carolina State Championships, placing 8th in the long jump. The triple jump was her preferred event and she missed placing in state by a just few inches.

Chavon believes the one individual who influenced her the most was her Track coach, Coach Mason.  “Coach Mason repeatedly told me how much potential I had. I could tell he cared about me succeeding. He was really the only coach I ever had that took the time and made the effort to help me take my athleticism to the next level.”

Chavon was offered a scholarship to two colleges. Life took her instead to sunny Southern California where she ran track for a community college, Saddleback (in my former back yard!).  Learn more about Chavon here.

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