How To Wear Belts: 4 Myths, Busted

Last summer, I wrote a post on how to wear belts year-round, styled for each season, and we received lots of feedback — and questions! So when I asked Madeline to style a bunch of looks with our newly arrived belts, it reminded me how misunderstood belts really are. There are myths surrounding belts that are just untrue, and I am here to debunk them.



No one should wear belts through belt loops anymore.

Actually, belts worn through belt loops are returning as a trend. In fact, as waistlines and rises have moved (no more thong-bearing!), the look is a great match to the half-tuck, of which we are all fans here at The Hive.



Wide belts should always be worn high on the waist.

In the late 90s and early 2000s, corset-like belts were worn just under the bust, essentially crushing our rib cages. Remember this? This is a very dated look and I recommend retiring all of those belts. Instead, wear a wide belt at the natural waistline, accentuating the smallest part of you, creating a waistline where you may not have one (and giving your boobs some breathing room!).



Skinny belts should always be worn on the hips.

I’m not hating on Mrs. Kardashian West here, but in her earlier years she had a fondness for belts, making it easy to use her as an example now. Only a decade ago, just as wide belts choked busts, skinny belts hugged hips. Another big modern no-no. Style now is much more casual both in its function and in its form. Current designs aim to flatter the figure instead of recreating it so even your skinnier belts should be worn at your natural waistline!



Your belt has to match your outfit.

Debunking this myth gets down to a more general approach to accessories. A black belt with this look would have been acceptable, if a little boring. Instead, choosing something with a little more interest, texture, and color makes the look more intentional. It may seem counter-intuitive, but finding an accessory that “goes” instead of “matches” will always look more polished!


Well, once again, one year later: four belts, four looks. I hope though that I succeeded in providing new information and have convinced you to take a look at our belts selection next time you’re in the store. It’s amazing how the right belt with the right look can take an outfit from fine to fabulous! And I can’t promise that I won’t have another belts post for you come summer of 2018!


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