Four Wedding Invitation Trends for 2021

I loved reading yesterday’s engagement story by Alx&Co. Even in the midst of a pandemic and insurrection, when the country feels like one massive dumpster fire, love still conquers all. Or at least I’d like to think so. As we leap into the new year many couples are kicking it off by planning their wedding. After picking the date and venue, the next step is designing wedding stationery. Today, I wanted to share a few trends in wedding invitations for 2021 that will help you find exactly what you want.


Save the Date to Change the Date

The wedding invitation sets the tone for your wedding. It’s the first thing your guests will see, so it plays a very important role. Most folks start with the Save the Date, but this year many are having to add a Change the Date, a piece of stationery that communicates changes in the original wedding plans. Even though the vaccine is on its way, COVID-19 is still going to wreak havoc on our plans. Venues may change, dates might too, and that means sending out new information to your guests. We can easily convert one of our many Save the Date designs to a Change the Date design!



Inclusive Addressing

Our family and friends are important to us and we want to make sure they feel seen and loved. That’s why more couples are tossing wedding address traditions to the wind. Instead of the usual use of the couple’s last name and titles like Mr. and Mrs., couples are asking their guests how they would like to be addressed. Is it two last names, or perhaps the gender-neutral title Mx. is appropriate? These details matter and make your friends and family members feel welcome and like they have a special place in your heart.


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Climate change is real and couples are embracing sustainability in response to it. Tree-free cotton paper and vegetable dye inks are just the tip of the melting iceberg. Wedding stationers like Bella Figura, whom we carry, are taking it many steps further by using wind to power their production facilities, using recycled packaging materials, keeping ink cans and old rags out of landfills, and packaging their work in keepsake boxes made in the U.S. from 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials. And sourcing close to home is another way to offset the carbon footprint. Biba Stationers are right in Richmond, so the paper doesn’t have to travel far.



Maximalist vs. Minimalist Design

It seems the divide isn’t just happening on Capitol Hill. There are two extremes happening in wedding stationery design – less is more and more is more. Bright and bold are becoming increasingly popular. Using color and pattern to declare your love and your personality are big this year. To counter that and to reflect our simpler times, spare and minimal is proving to be more in vogue than ever. No fuss, no muss with a sleek design that captures the details in an elegant way has always been around; it’s just showing up a lot more as of late.



I hope these insights offer you some guidance. If you’re getting married soon and need help navigating all the trends and the design process, then let our team help you. Simply email to make an in-person or virtual appointment today to get the ball rolling!


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