what if everyone had a little more courage?

By now, most of you have probably heard about the Courage Wall or perhaps you have even been bold enough to write on it. Every time I pass the chalkboard of statements, I am reminded about how awesome our little community in Del Ray is. There really is no place like it and our emphasis at BARRE TECH. and Swēt Ride has always been to embrace and empower the community around us. And, the Courage Wall does exactly that.

This spring, BARRE TECH. and Swēt Ride launched the SWET TECH Community to combine two great workouts (barre + cycle) to deliver serious results and build a community that feels powerful and more able to make a difference in all aspects of life. When my business partner, Kat Zajac, and I came up with the idea – our hope was that the combination of workouts would make a real difference in the lives of people looking to achieve their goals.


So, what exactly is the SWET TECH Community? It’s a group of folks taking classes at both Swēt Ride and BARRE TECH The combination of the two creates a faster, sweeter path to success. BARRE TECH. focuses on building core strength, lengthening the muscles and improving posture, while sculpting the total body. Swēt Ride improves endurance and lower body strength, facilitates weight loss, and provides a mental release. The combined result is sweet success inside and outside of the studio. And most importantly, our community has become a bit like a family – offering camaraderie and encouragement.

How does the individual, who commits to both, benefit and empower themselves?

The perfect example is Irene Murphy, a Latin Instructor in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages at St. John’s College High School. Irene is part of the SWET TECH Community and recently visited the Courage Wall, created by Nancy Belmont of Belmont Inc.. What was her statement in colorful chalk? TO BE BOLD.


What is her bold move?

“Every time I clip into the bike at Swēt Ride or hit the mat at BARRE TECH., I make a commitment to myself to dig deeper and push myself a little harder than I did the day before.”

Irene stuck with that mentality inside and outside of the studio, which ultimately drove her to do and be better. And since January, she lost 35 pounds in her journey with the incredible support within the SWET TECH Community.


“The friends I’ve made in the SWET TECH Community have been incredibly supportive and have motivated me to achieve my fitness goals, and because of them I’ve lost 35 pounds! It’s been an incredible journey and positive changes in my health have given me the courage to keep setting more goals–to be a better friend, daughter, disciple, and teacher.”


What if everybody had a little more courage?

Perhaps we would test our limits and be more honest with others and ourselves. It is awesome to think that fitness and a community can create a sweeter life where dreams are possible.

We offer a special package for active members who attend both Swēt Ride and BARRE TECH. studios. You can find out how to qualify for this package and enjoy the SWET TECH Community by visiting our websites to learn more.

http://barre-tech.com/about-barre-cycle or http://swet-ride.com/about-barre-cycle


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