What is Primer?

primer collage

I used to hate primers, thinking that they were just too heavy for oily skin like mine. Now, though, it seems that the proverbial “They” have finally caught on to the fact that people have different skin types and conditions, and primers have really branched out and come far since.

Simply put, primer makes your make up go on more smoothly and stay there longer. There are primers for any skin type, and while I can understand why someone would not want to wear one, I do still recommend them for everyone.

Just as you will get a better, truer result on your wall if you prime it before painting, you will get a better finish on your skin if you apply a primer to it first. You won’t have to worry about makeup melting off or getting absorbed, because the primer creates a nice barrier. Your makeup will stick to the primer, and not your face, which in the end means that you get a flawless finish.

Not sure what primer to use? We’d love to help! The options can get overwhelming, but with guidance from a makeup connoisseur you trust, your makeup will be smooth and even in the flashiest of flashes.

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  1. alexandra says:

    addicted to primer! i use it on days where i know i am going more than 6 or so hours of wearing makeup. so that’s usually friday and saturday but i always notice how much better my face looks when i take the extra step. sometimes i’ll put it on before the office, but it’s not a consistent thing. i loved the smashbox one! but i love the urban decay one, too. it’s paraben free and gluten free 🙂

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