What Is Tubing Mascara?

Sometimes I assume that everyone knows about certain products because I’ve been selling them for so long. I assume that they know what they are and what they do…until I have a week where I mention something a few times and I realize that the customers I’m talking to have never heard of the product before. We sell so much of this particular product and it’s so unique that it definitely warrants an introduction to those who are unfamiliar with it.

I’m talking about tubing mascaras. Tubing mascaras go on like regular mascara, but rather than adhering to the lash the product binds to itself and shrink wraps the lash. Because it isn’t a paint, it doesn’t smudge. It doesn’t flake onto the skin and it doesn’t smear when wet.

It also isn’t removed like traditional mascara. It will not come off with eye make-up remover. Rather, when you wash off your make-up at night you thoroughly wet your lashes, effectively soaking them in water. The water reacts with the product like a sponge and expands, releasing the lash. A simple swipe sends the little tubes down your face and into the sink. Don’t fret, those aren’t your lashes. Pick one up and it will stretch like silly putty.

The originator of this product was a company called Kiss Me Mascara out of Japan. It has since been purchased by Blinc, Inc. They have two formulas, original and amplified. The original formula is more wet. It’s better for lengthening and quick application. Because the product binds to itself, you can’t mess with it too much. You have 60-90 seconds to put it on, so building up layers is not an option. The amplified formula is more volumizing. It is a bit drier and gives you an additional 60 seconds application time. This product is best when looking for thicker lashes. While this is definitely the original, it isn’t the only game in town.

Kevyn Aucoin volume mascara is a cult favorite in the tubing mascara world. Consistently, this product sells out as fast as it comes in. With the smallest brush, it packs a big punch, delivering length and volume. Couple that with no smudging and the ease of a water removal and I can’t keep this one in stock.

So, if it’s so amazing why does anyone use anything else? Because if you want mega-drama lashes, a tubing mascara can’t deliver. That type of drama takes a formula that can be manipulated, combed, and applied in coats — something you can’t do with a tubing mascara. But here’s a little secret…many customers layer it over their drama mascara. They love the fact that a coat of tubing mascara over their regular mascara means no smudges. That’s right. You can tube right over your other mascara. Love your mascara when you put it on, but hate it twenty minutes later when it shows up under your eyes? Tube it.

I often have women ask for waterproof mascara because they know they’ll cry at the wedding, funeral, etc. But honestly, I prefer a tubing mascara. Sure, I’ll cry it off. But I’ll brush the tubes off my face and when I’m in a position to compose myself again, I’ll just reapply…and my skin won’t have a trace of mascara on it.


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  1. Avatar Katherine Smith says:

    Great post on Tubing mascara . How do you suggest to remove regular mascara with tubing mascara OVER it?

  2. Angela Sitilides Angela Sitilides says:

    Great question. Remove the mascara with water first, allowing the water to fully absorb into the lashes and the tubing mascara. Sometimes all the mascara will come off with the tubes and the water. If not, then proceed to remove the remaining mascara with your eye makeup remover.

  3. Avatar Summer Neach says:

    Thank you soo much, i was unaware of tubing mascara as a matter of fact. And found this to be very informative all the way through thank you again

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