How To Treat Dry, Dull Hair

Are the winter months causing your beautiful mane to become dry and dull? This time of year, we find many clients asking our stylists the same question, “Does my hair feel dry?” The cold air can help keep our hair tame, but can also adversely impact the texture of your locks.

Fortunately, the answer is often as simple as the solution. If your hair is feeling dry and in need of some TLC this winter, we recommend a weekly deep conditioner at home and a gloss treatment or an in-house mask (deep conditioner) during your salon visits.

Deep conditioners and masks are important for overall hair health, but even more so if you have coloring or highlights as they help maintain integrity and elasticity. Deep conditioners can be beneficial for all hair types and we recommend oil-based conditioners with a moisturizing agent like shea butter. Shea butter nourishes with healthy fats and vitamins to keep the scalp moisturized, prevent breakage, and promote hair growth. René Furterer’s Karité Hydra mask is one of our favorites in this category.

In-salon treatments can be absolutely life changing for the hair. We highly recommend a gloss, which is basically a shine treatment that covers the hair, closes the cuticle, and results in a smoothness with an amazing amount of shine. This type of treatment can last for up to four weeks, depending on how often you wash your hair.

Another great option is a mask or deep conditioner with a more intense formula designed for professional use only. Aveda’s Dry Remedy and Damage Remedy spray-on treatments are top notch and will have your hair feeling like silk! These spray treatments are exclusively designed to be used by a professional stylists in the salon and are not sold anywhere.

So let’s not waste anymore time complaining about our hair being dry and start to take advantage of all the great ways to keep your hair healthy, bouncy, and moisturized during the winter season. The cold air won’t rest, so give your hair the best! Until next time, stay warm and up-to-date on the latest hair tips and trends with the team at Bazzak.


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