The Where’s and How’s of Being a Patriotic Rebel

The 4th of July is all about two things, the events you go to and the colors you wear. (OK…and our nation’s independence, so three things!) It doesn’t matter where you stand politically, what state you live in, or what kind of party you’ll be attending — my family sits around the campfire and sings Johnny Cash, making s’mores — typically you will wear red, white, and blue on the 4th. So how do you stand out if everyone is basically wearing the same thing? Obviously we want to start planning our outfits by choosing a few fabulous pieces that happen to be in the color scheme, but what if we decide to be a little…unconventional? Hear me out….instead of a strict red, white, and blue ensemble, what if we twisted it a little? Read on to learn how to be a little rebellious in your patriotism.


Where: Dinner Party with Friends

How: Color on Color (Even If It’s All White)


Dressing mono-chromatically is just plain cool. It’s a bold move (especially if you decide to wear all white and BBQ is on the menu) but with fabulous items, it’s easy to accomplish. Start off with an elevated midi skirt and then add a casual t-shirt, top it off with a duster for those cool evening places, or pair it with a wrap belt, if it is going to be hot as heck.



Where: Fireworks

How: Let the Accessories Do the Talking


I love this look because it’s subtle. It coolly states minimalism. Keep the color story at a two and the statement accessory at a nine. This look is perfect for fireworks because no one can even see what colors you’re wearing but they will be able to see if you’re wearing fabulous earrings or a cool chunky necklace.



Where: Parade

How: Mixing Patterns (Gingham + Pinstripes! Plaid + Lace!)


Stand out from the sidelines of the parade in a festive pattern-mixing outfit. This is the chance you get to show your patriotism with the classic red, white, and blue combo. Mixing patterns is an art but the secret is to remember that opposites attract. This playful look isn’t as hard as it seems — just have fun with it!


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