who really exercises?

The past 10 years have seen a continual gain in the popularity of fitness. Not only are more people exercising, more are becoming very fit. Think about fitness before Spin, Crossfit Games, Wearable Devices, and Tabata.


According to a June 2015 Gallup and Healthways study, 55 percent of Americans exercise at least 30 minutes, three days a week. For those of us who have intimately studied the fitness business the past decade, this is extraordinarily encouraging. More Americans care about their health than those who do not!
And to add to that, Americans who exercise for 30 minutes every day feel best about their appearance. This is no surprise. Exercise has been proven again and again to help with confidence, happiness, and decreased anxiety. Now in my eleventh year of owning Fitness on the Run, I continue to unabashedly favor fitness as a healthy means for feeling better about you, your surroundings, and your purpose in this adventure we call “life.”  I’d add for all of us moms: the role model in us to take care of ourselves far outweighs a new iPad or Barbie.

Ok ladies, men are more likely than women to report exercising frequently. And, younger adults (age 18-29) are much more likely to exercise frequently than those who are older. This is because they account for one-quarter of the US population. Yep, Millennials, numbering 83.1 million, have surpassed Baby Boomers as the largest age group.

Among income groups, upper income Americans are more likely to exercise frequently and lower income Americans the least likely. Geographically, Americans who live in the West are more likely to exercise than any other region, while those in the South are the least likely. These three trends have been consistent for at least a decade. While yes, the West has fewer snow days; let’s show ourselves we can match their lifestyle that includes exercise as a “non-negotiable” in 2016.

So bring it on those of us of the “stronger” gender and on the “north” side of 29. Let’s get our exercise program set.

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Adrien founded Fitness on the Run in 2004 out of her home. Today, “FOR” is home to more than 250 clients, 11 instructors, and hundreds of inspirational success stories. She is passionate about helping others view their fitness as a journey, not a quick fix. Adrien’s recipe for success has evolved from a rigid training plan of a 4-5 workouts per week. Now, she believes the most important ingredient is making small changes for big results — even if its only five minutes a day. She works daily to help clients understand the three most vital component of a effective fitness program are consistency, sustainability, and fun. Adrien believes we all benefit from being curious about our bodies and our health and that change is always within reach. She lives a clean lifestyle, insists on getting sufficient quality sleep, and finds ways to manage her stress, typically through dancing with her kids nightly.

Fitness on the Run is Fitness for Life. Combining a focus on strong bodies and strong minds with a robust wellness education program and unparalleled personalized attention, we provide fitness for health, longevity and functionality.


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  1. Megan says:

    Such an interesting post! Go ahead Washington! Rain schmain, those people move! Thanks Adrien.

  2. alexandra says:

    this is awesome!

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