Why We Love Wallpaper (And Why You Should Too)

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We get it. Wallpaper can seem scary. Paint is simple, one color, no pattern and can seemingly go with just about everything. And while we obviously love a good paint color, there is something extra special about wallpaper that gives that added “punch” to a room.

If you are considering wallpaper, our first piece of advice is go for it! We like to lead people to try wallpaper to add texture and design to their space.


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There is really only one rule we have when it comes to wallpaper and that is – don’t wallpaper every room. When you begin to use one design element too much, it makes it less special. So we say do it, but don’t over do it.

Next, think about where you want to add that extra element. There are so many different places and ways you can use wallpaper. If you’re just dipping your toe into wallpaper, then you might want to start with smaller, enclosed places like the powder room, butler’s pantry, or the mud room.


Photo credit: Luke & Ashley

You can also add it to unexpected places in a room. We love to add it to the ceiling (the “5th wall” that is often ignored) to bring in extra drama to a room. Another fun place to add wallpaper is behind bookcases to add depth and bring out color and dimension to a space.

Recently we’ve also been using it in Arts and Crafts homes that often have taller millwork within the home. We recently worked with a client in McLean where the tall millwork only left 2-3 feet of drywall in their dining room. It becomes hard to hang anything above that – it’s too high for art – and a flat color would leave the room dull. We ended up using a wallpaper that was neutral in color, but with a vine and floral design with a slight shimmer. It really enveloped the room and gave it a lot more personality.

We also love to think outside of the box with uses for wallpaper, like framing pieces and hanging them in a series as art or we’ve even seen people wallpaper table tops and consoles – the ways to us wallpaper are truly endless.


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When it comes to choosing a wallpaper it depends on what you are starting with. If the wall covering is the launching pad, then the sky is the limit. If it’s an accent to what is already there, we work with color and texture to find the right fit for the room. One of our favorite wallpapers we used was in a little girls room we designed and the wallpaper was made of beads – it was fantastic!


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