I Will Be More Adventurous with My Hair (and Other Beauty Resolutions)

I’m not very good at keeping my resolutions. I, like so many of us out there, have resolved every year I can remember to “get in shape,” and to “eat better,” (as if “soft circles” weren’t shapes and “buying nicer cuts of steak” didn’t count as better. Bah.). And yet here I sit at 27 years old, having neither gotten in shape nor started eating better.

I resolved two years ago to become better informed about the world around me, but aside from a subscription to theSkimm and a relatively new inclination to read the politically-charged articles my very informed brother-in-law posts, I haven’t done too well keeping that one, either. One year I even vowed to be nice! And then someone cut me off in traffic, and I was swept away in a tidal wave of road rage.

Below is not my full list of resolutions, but the ones related to appearance — an area we are all so often critical of, in ourselves and others.

Resolution One: I will try to go without foundation one day a week.

I know, you’re probably thinking, “Real difficult, Elizabeth,” and accompanying that statement with a heavy eye roll. I’ve never liked my skin. I take excellent care of it, and I like the overall tone and texture, but truthfully, my pores are prone to clogging and I still get more zits than I’m comfortable with. I’ve always admired people like our beloved Christen, who rocks her perfect skin without wavering. I’m half convinced that skin is sentient and knows when I’m about to put it down…maybe it will also hear that I’m trying to be kinder to it this year…

Resolution Two: I will play around more with my own face.

It’s easy to become complacent. I know a few looks that I can count on to always look good on my face, and I tend to stick with them. Don’t we all? My job is partly to experiment, play with trends, try new things, enjoy the larger world of makeup than is found in my bathroom cabinet. I talk a big game about how makeup should be fun, so now it’s time for my creative side to pony up.

Resolution ThreeI will be more adventurous with my hair.

When I was just starting out as a hairstylist, I did a little of everything. Black pixie? Platinum choppy bob? Magenta lowlights? You name it. I had to be actually sat down and talked out of getting a perm. I will stick with my color the way it is, but I have no excuse to not style my hair in more interesting ways. I tried some time ago with my brief Stylebook series on Pinterest hair, but never tried too seriously after that week. Hair should be almost as much fun as makeup this New Year! (Editor’s note: Guess what I’m going to assign you to write!)

Resolution Four: I will be more generous with my time.

When I lived in Michigan, a friend and I went to get certified for Look Good, Feel Better, a program that helps teach women whose outward appearances have been affected by cancer how to do things like drawing on new eyebrows, styling a scarf over thinning hair, and taking care of skin that’s changing due to treatment. After completing certification, I moved to Virginia, and ended up never reconnecting. This has been on my to-do list for a long time, and 2017 already seems like it could use a little extra care — when better to start?

What are your resolutions this year? We’d love to help you out with your beauty-related ones! Set up a consultation to work out what tips, tricks, and products will give you the look you want for this New Year!

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