Why I Will Never Say Never

Often trends resurface; we all know this. But sometimes they are attached to particular memories and a time you’d rather not relive. I have seen this happen with clients and while I’ve studied fashion intensely and understood their references, I had yet to have the experience myself.

Then it happened.  This past fall, velvet was unleashed, yet again.  At first I cringed, and said I would NEVER wear what we did in the 90s, where spaghetti strap tanks were worn over cap sleeve t-shirts and ribbed multicolor turtlenecks were the norm.

Staring at the blogs I follow that screamed “V-E-L-V-E-T!,”  I was jolted back to the time in the 90s when…

I was posing by the piano for pictures wearing a white cotillion dress paired with a velvet shawl my mother had created (it even had pockets).

I had to crimp my hair in the bathroom right before school pictures in my blue crushed-velvet jumper, looking great with black tights and patent leather mary-janes. I nicked my mom’s icy white lipstick from her makeup drawer on that same school picture day, and half of my class ended up borrowing it. Thus, half of my class looked like zombies in their school pictures that year. I wish I could find this photo to share with you guys — you would love it! [Editor’s note: Um, yes…although I bet many of us have pics wearing that same lipstick!]

So, when the ink blue velvet Elizabeth & James dress came in, I had mentally prepared and decided it was time to embrace the trend…but do it well. 

I saw it dressed up for a cocktail party with my husband or paired with booties, a leather jacket, and some dark lipstick to roll with the funky. 

For a transitional look, I paired it with a knotted button down and treated the dress as a midi-skirt. Updating the memory of my long ago, coveted jumper, I styled it with a button down under the dress, but this time instead of the mary-janes, chose a funky chunky heel or bootie.

Instead of resisting the trend, I decided to embrace it, and I will always remember that what rings true today, could always come back and bite me tomorrow.

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