Winter Wonderland: 5 Ways To Rock Silver Makeup

Silver gets a bad reputation.

In recent years we’ve seen a resurgence in the popularity of yellow gold shades, and a rise in rose gold’s popularity in everything from makeup to jewelry to haircolor. Silver gets pushed out of the way — the tone is cool enough and there’s little enough variation under the heading “silver” that it really gets pigeonholed into being the problem child of metallic makeup shades. Whereas under gold’s umbrella you get brushed bronzy deep golds, wheat-y pale golds, bright true golds, and everything in between, there’s really no such thing as “dark silver”…you sort of jump straight to gunmetal. So what’s the best way to wear this seemingly one-note color?

Wear it as an accessory, of course! Like that pair of simple studs you wear at least twice a week, or your mother’s old silver and turquoise jewelry, or your statement Get Stuff Done ring, wear silver makeup to enhance your look, not as the star of it.

triggerfish1) Apply a silver eyeliner like Stila Smudge Stick in “Triggerfish” — wiped on a smudge brush — to your lower lashes, instead of the grey you normally wear.

duo-206-glambot-com2) Use your ring finger to apply a silver shadow like this one in Kevyn Aucoin The Eyeshadow Duo #206 to the middle of your lid, and blend out lightly in either direction to enhance and give a subtle visual lift to the eye area. (Bonus, the gorgeous metallic navy next to it makes a perfect liner for a holiday party or date night!)

dont-speak3) Smudge a demi-matte silver, like Vincent Longo Cangiante Shadow in “Don’t Speak,” into lashes on top of a soft black or navy liner to turn dark liner softly luminous.

ice-queen4) Wear a hint of frost on your lips, whether alone or layered over a more intense color. Lipstick Queen “Ice Queen” has flecks of gold and silver in it, just in case you can’t choose between metals!

freda-salvador-wit-dorsay-oxford5) Do silver top to toe with the addition of these [personally coveted] Freda Salvador D’Orsay Oxfords, available at The Shoe Hive!

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