What Would Audrey Do?

WWAD - What Would Audrey Do

If you’ve ever taken a peek inside Coco Blanca, you know right away we are enormous fans of this 1950s style icon. Her iconic photos grace every picture frame we have in the store. There are just so many things to love about her persona. She was naturally beautiful, graceful, quirky, and her style was absolutely timeless. This coming fall, we want to get the Audrey look!

“I am a very stylish girl.”

– Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961

Black Turtlenecks

WWAD - What Would Audrey Do

Audrey knew that there was nothing more timeless than a classic black turtleneck. It can be worn with jeans or slacks, or tucked into a skirt. We love this soft, stretchy one that doesn’t keep you too warm. It’s the perfect layer!



WWAD - What Would Audrey DoBreakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961

Tassels were back with a vengeance this season, especially on earrings. Of course, Audrey’s were earplugs, but even then she knew how a colorful tassel could jazz up your look.


Knotted Silk Scarves with a Detailed Belt

WWAD - What Would Audrey DoRoman Holiday, 1953

Audrey would never be caught dead un-accessorized! We are loving the loosely tied silk scarves that were ever-so-popular this season. In a bright color, it can bring life to a simple blouse and jeans.

WWAD - What Would Audrey Do

A belt can spice up an outfit in the same way. Simply tuck your blouse in the front so the buckle and detailed belt can be seen.


Diamonds and White

WWAD - What Would Audrey DoTop left: My Fair Lady, 1964 | Lower tight: Roman Holiday, 1953

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! In classic shapes, these pieces make us feel like Princess Ann and Eliza Doolittle all the time!


Pearls and Black

WWAD - What Would Audrey DoLeft: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961 | Right: Paris When It Sizzles, 1964

There is absolutely nothing more classic than pearls with black. Audrey was definitely no stranger to a neck full of jewelry and a breathtaking black gown! These gorgeous studs are one of our most popular pieces, and, thanks to the gold bar, these stunning earring get a modern twist.


Cigarette Pants and Trendy Flats

WWAD - What Would Audrey DoFunny Face, 1957

A cigarette pant with a bold flat is a timeless and universally flattering look, especially in black! To update the look, try a classic loafer or an embellished ballet flat with a less pleated pant instead! We love these ones from Joe’s Jeans. The full length is great for fall!


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