Heat + Humidity + Hair. Here’s Help.

The heat and humidity of a D.C. summer has arrived with a vengeance. As we know, with the humidity often comes the dreaded frizz. So for all of my frizzy friends with unruly heads of hair out there, we’re going to talk about the best way to fight the humidity and glorify your tresses.

If you’re not familiar with a Brazilian Blowout or Keratin Treatment, it’s an amazing hair-changing (and sometimes life-changing!) experience that transforms your hair into easy, manageable, and frizz-free locks like you’ve never had before! These treatments have come such a long way over the years and have been a game changer in the fight against frizz!

These treatments are not designed to straighten all curls out of your hair, but allow your hair to be less work when styling when you’re trying to make it out the door. The treatments are suited for both fine and thick hair, for and both men or women. The end result leaves you with more manageable hair, cuts down on drying time, and gives your hair a smooth, sleek look that can last up to six months.

Here’s a summary of the process:

  1. We apply a solution on the hair shaft from roots to ends, which coats the cuticle and condition the hair with a straightening agent.
  2. After the hair is thoroughly coated, your stylist will then blow dry your hair to steam the solution into your strands.
  3. The last step is a flat iron process to lock in the treatment, leaving your hair feeling extra soft and luxurious.

Now’s the perfect time to consider a treatment to give your hair some relief for the rest of summer. Stop by Bazzak and speak with one of our licensed and certified stylists to see what treatment is best for your hair type. Everyone’s hair is different, so this solution may not work for every person, but it’s definitely worth looking into and having a conversation that may possibly change your hair problems forever!

And of course, we have a variety of products to care for your treated hair!


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