Do You Struggle With Analysis Paralysis? Do You Struggle With Analysis Paralysis? by Alicia McCaslin | 05.14.21

Two weeks ago, I had back-to-back client appointments with two very similar but different clients. The task at hand was creating outfits - one client loves color, while the other client stays in a neutral lane. There was a 30 minute break between the two appointments where I was able ...

Doing Good In The Neighborhood Doing Good In The Neighborhood by Celeste Crutchfield | 05.14.21

We at Kiskadee have a few charitable ventures that we would love some help with! I'm a huge fan of Friends of Guest House. First, I love that they are in the neighborhood. I love supporting local non-profits. Second, I love that it's about women. They are amazing! If you ...

Street Style: The Mints’ Seniors Street Style: The Mints' Seniors by Megan Podolsky | 05.14.21

When I opened 529 Kids Consign 10 years ago here in Old Town, I started a tradition of hiring high school seniors from the community. Before they leave me for college, they have to recruit their replacement! It’s been so fun to watch these girlies mature through working at 529, ...

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