Introducing The Design Collective at Red Barn Mercantile

We have something new for you that is beyond exciting for us. At Red Barn Mercantile we are partnering with four extremely talented designers to bring you the full range of interior design services. Now, I know you’ve heard about our design services before and you’re asking yourselves, “So what’s so new about this?” Well, let me tell you. What’s new is that we have added two amazing designers, increased our selection of fabulous fabrics, casegoods, and accessories, and have expanded the designers’ scope of work to include everything from simple space planning to complete kitchen remodels.

I wanted to take today’s post to give you are brief introduction of each of our partners, starting with our newest additions, Regan Billingsley of Regan Billingsley Interiors and Alison Giese of Alison Giese Interiors. Through Alexandria Stylebook, you’ve already been introduced to Lindsay Boudreaux of Shotgun Double and Kristin Try of Gingham and Grosgrain, but I wanted you to hear more about their styles in their own words and see some of the beautiful work they have done.


Regan Billingsley

Regan Billingsley Interiors was built upon the beliefs that our homes should be a true reflection of the way we live, and that beauty need not be sacrificed for practically. By blending a thoughtful selection of furnishings, antiques, found objects, and natural elements with a masterful mix of patterns, colors, and scale, RBI creates homes that combine the tailored classicism of the East Coast with the laid-back lifestyle of California — every space is layered, lived-in, and full of life. 

See more of Regan’s work on her website and on Instagram here.


Alison Giese

Alison Giese Interiors is a full-service, residential design firm. AGI is built on the belief that you are as your home feels, and that your home should bring you joy, function efficiently, and provide for your well-being. We assist clients with a variety of projects, from large-scale renovations to full-room designs. We delight in an eclectic style that incorporates an aesthetic of mixing old and new and tells a compelling story. Our clients love that we design homes that are beautiful, approachable, and that we listen to their needs. 

See more of Alison’s work on her website and on Instagram here.


Lindsay Boudreaux

In 2019, Shotgun Double will celebrate its tenth year providing casually elegant, efficient, and intensely livable interior design to families throughout the D.C. metro area, particularly Alexandria, Del Ray, and Arlington. At the helm of Shotgun Double is Lindsay Boudreaux, a fully certified and licensed interior designer with nearly twenty years of experience in the industry. Born and raised in the deep South, among the practical, often whimsical, and humbly elegant shotgun houses of New Orleans, Lindsay found the vernacular architecture to be a perfect metaphor for her design M.O.
Regardless of style, the most comfortable and livable homes incorporate the elements of proper scale and symmetry, thoughtful use of color and light, functional space planning and, above all, meaningful, personal reflections of their inhabitants through the use of furnishings, accessories, and artwork. Shotgun Double’s clients appreciate Lindsay’s ability to solve small space design puzzles (hello, Old Town bathrooms and Del Ray farm house kitchens!) and the graceful yet durable livability of her designs. 

See more of Lindsay’s work on her website and on Instagram here.


Kristin Try

My mission is to build a beautiful backdrop for life’s memories and everyday moments and my style is clean, timeless, and livable with a nod to traditional. I love texture, color, and authentic materials. Your home should reflect you and make you happy. I love to create spaces that bring out the best in the home and those who live there. I also love art and you’ll find me painting in my art studio or hanging out at home with my hubby and kiddos when not designing interiors. 
Every day, I am thankful my creative career found me after first pursuing the traditional D.C. political scene, and I haven’t looked back since. I enjoy creating lasting relationships with my clients, architects, contractors, and fellow creatives.

See more of Kristin’s work on her website and on Instagram here.


You cannot go wrong with any of these ladies. We chose them as partners not just because they are supremely talented, but because they are good people who are kind, helpful, and empathetic. They understand what it means to design with a family in mind, with pets in mind, and even with no one else in mind but you. When you work with our Collective you get two teams for the price of one. Our design partners create the perfect space for you and your family, and we hold your hand through the purchasing process, making it a seamless and pleasant experience for you. Interior Design is a luxury service and it’s the Collective’s goal to make sure you get the best service and the best value possible.

If you’re interested in working with the Collective, please feel free to email me at
We look forward to working with you!


  • The latest from Amy
Owner Amy Rutherford started Red Barn because she wanted to deliver a service — to provide both old and new in one place. No longer will busy shoppers be limited to reproductions or forced to shop multiple flea markets for the look or gifts they want. The trick in blending old and new, vintage and modern, classic and quirky, is balance. And Amy’s knack for mixing rustic antiques with urban chic has created a look that is both fresh and familiar.

Red Barn Mercantile opened its doors in September 2007 with a single vision in mind: providing old and new to offer our customers signature whole-room designs at great prices.

We’re more than a furniture boutique and provide more personalized service than a big box retailer. We work hard to bring you the highest quality furniture and gifts, the most unique conversation starters, wall hangings and accent pieces, whether they come from off-the-beaten-track flea markets, or the latest designers.

1117 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314


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    Such talent! Congratulations on teaming up with such brilliant designers. Cannot wait to see more!

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