4 Calendar Mistakes You are Making: Part 1

So, you want to be super fit and just feel better about yourself. Have more confidence. You want to look great in the latest fashion – shorts, sleeveless tees – the works?



You want the next reunion wedding and pool opening to be a “wow, you look great” event. And, yes you want it all even now during the coronavirus pandemic. (And, you can!)

Yet, you also can’t find the time in your busy schedule to (just one is ok!)…

  • • plan your meals even for a day or two
  • • get to bed early enough to get 7-7.5 hours of sleep
  • • find 5-10-15-20 minutes in the morning and day’s end to move your body
  • • create short “purposeful pauses” to give you a stress break
  • • learn to meditate for one minute each day
  • • embrace gratitude
  • • plan your week’s wellness, professional, spiritual, and social experiences on Sunday and “calendarize” them
  • • spend some time soul searching what is really holding you back… (Hint: schedule a zoom consult with me about my concierge program for a less frustrating, more rewarding, journey here.

If so, my friend, you may have a calendar problem.



You see, the key to developing the health, wellness, fitness, and body you want is structure…structure in your day. Your brain loves structure and will help you follow those healthy habits you develop. Yet you need to repeat them to make them stick.

Cherish time, your most valuable resource. To waste time is to waste your life. The most important choices you’ll ever make are how you use your time.” Kekich Credo #2

Add to structure, a handful of healthy habits will get you far along your path toward wellness.

Today I am starting a four part series to teach you how to master your calendar. Each week you will learn the top mistakes women are making with their calendar and therefore not reaching their fitness and wellness goals. You will learn how to:

  • • control your morning,
  • • eliminating chaos in your day – especially your afternoons – when it is most prevalent,
  • • and frame your life for what really matters.


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If your wellness, how you look and feel matters, your calendar will reflect it to anyone looking. The time – and energy – you spend on fitness, food prep, getting your sleep, and finding your stress relief will not be something the boss, the partner, the husband, the boyfriend, the colleague, the friend, derails. It will be a constant on your schedule. And, I don’t mean just your fitness classes.



Mistake #1: Your calendar doesn’t reflect your values. And if wellness is a core value, it is not obvious on your calendar.

For example:

1) Living a healthy lifestyle for longevity and a healthy body and mind

2) Spending quality time with family and friendships

3) Making a real difference in my career



Calendar mistakes that don’t reflect those values:

  • • You don’t plan your meals and therefore your dinner ends up being whatever is easiest and most convenient, like frozen pizza or popcorn, putting you back on the deprivation diet model because you will then “starve” yourself the following day for the mistakes you made the night before. It all comes down to planning. It comes down to your calendar.
  • • Your calendar doesn’t block time for family, faith, friends. Instead they are thrown into the “open” time. That “open” time that is not blocked or has boundaries is now open game to the text, social media, calls that come your way since you didn’t put your priority on your calendar.
  • • You don’t focus on the important in your job. You hurriedly check email in the morning and throughout the day aiming to “clear” your inbox. At days end, instead of focusing on the top three projects you crushed that day, you are focused on what you didn’t get done.


Developing your calendar around your core values is an eye-opening experience. It was for me when I dug deep about what was really important to me. I developed my daily, weekly, and yes yearly schedule around what I valued. Fitness, and all of my wellness was a top value yet growing my business and keeping strong ties to my family were too. Look at my calendar and you’ll see it there.

Many of my concierge clients have done just this and they will tell you the calendar is key to your wellness. Schedule time with me on Zoom to discuss my program and how I can coach you and hold you accountable to achieving your highest values in your life.

Stop the madness. Now, more than ever, go on a walk, sit in a quiet space, and decide what your core values are in life. Write them down. Erase. Then, write them again. Make sure you are willing to commit calendar time to any of them: wellness, professional development, new job. Then, grab your calendar and develop your weeks  – days and nights – according to your core values.

Next week, we will dive into one of my most controversial topics: Are you spending your time with others who do not share your value system?

Join me in the crusade to take back your days, take back your life, and get that wellness and fitness you have so-wanted for years.


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