A Stylish, Handmade Valentine’s Day

If you have school-aged children, you are probably tracking down Valentine’s Day cards for their classmates or figuring out what prize or candy to send your kid to school with on Valentine’s Day. My #fibrespacetinyhuman is only four, but I’ve already gone through two years of Valentine’s Day with her. I really wanted to find something a bit more unique this year. Luckily, our fun pom-pom maker company has a ton of ideas on their sister site, Mr. Printables.  Their pom-pom-inspired Valentine is so much fun to make with kids and also super cute:

The templates are a free download on the site and include the wool pun cards that you can attach to them. The best part about this Valentine is that it includes a gift that isn’t candy! I’m so excited to pick out the right color yarns with Maddie and get started on making pom-poms for her cards. Here’s what you need:


1. Pom-pom maker

We have both the donut style maker and the macaroon shaped pom makers at the shop. ($18 each)


2. A fun, colored yarn in “worsted” or “DK” weight

We recommend something wool, as cotton and other plant fibers are very difficult to make pom-poms with. We have plenty of options at fibre space, of course!


3. Sharp scissors are a must.

Once you start wrapping many times around the maker, you will need a good sharp and pointy scissor to cut the pom-pom off. You can use your wool yarn to tie off the pom but it also helps to use thread.



4. Lastly, grab the downloads from Mr. Printables

These are at the bottom of the page. There is a bunny and a bear template, as well as a template for the wool pun cards that you can simply print, cut, and attach to your pom-pom animals.


Should using the pom maker be a challenge, they’ve got a wonderful YouTube guide for you!


All photos by Mr. Printables and Pom Maker


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