New Customizable Alx&Co. Pendant Necklaces

Growing up, I had a tendency to alter just about everything I owned in order to make it more “me.” In elementary school, my Trapper Keeper had Wite-Out doodled all over it (which was then colored in with different colored markers); in middle school, I colored all over a pair of black and white Adidas shell tops (kicking myself for getting rid of those BTW); and in high school, I used my mom’s sewing machine to customize nearly every article of clothing in my closet (and no, I am not an expert seamstress).

Now that I’m a real, fully grown adult, my standards for custom have changed a little (let’s say, “elevated”), but my eternal quest for things to be “just for me” has never left. This is a major reason why I developed our in-house line of fully customizable jewelry: I just love things that are completely unique, but not necessarily crazy-kooky unique in the way that my shell top sneakers were.

This month, I developed our newest addition to our line: The Circle Pendant. This is a choose-your-own-adventure take on jewelry where you get to pick your favorite chain, your favorite finish, and add any bespoke engraving you like (if that’s your thing). I added my son’s horoscope constellation to mine — each dot is hand-hammered for a subtle look — or you could add more detail if that’s your thing. Go wild! Or don’t! The key here is: you do you.

These would make a sweet gift for any new (or experienced) mama or I really love them as a more mature friendship necklace idea — give one to your BFF and make one to match for yourself! We feature them in our showroom in 14k yellow gold, but don’t let that limit you: feel free to opt for rose gold or white gold if you prefer. They’re made to order and I am happy to walk you through the many options at hand. Set up an appointment by emailing me, or swing by during our walk-in hours. Let’s make something special!


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Creative Director & Co-Owner | Alexandria & Company
I came to join Alexandria & Company by way of love: my husband Tim has owned the stop for nearly ten years, and I started by helping him on Saturdays so that we could spend more time together. Eventually, I quit my other life in the legal field to become Alx&Co’s Creative Director and co-owner with Tim. Now, we run our small business together in Old Town and I haven’t looked back.

Alexandria & Company is an Old Town-based workshop and design studio specializing in creating and restoring fine jewelry and silver hollowware. They are the in-the-know jewelers of Alexandria and have been serving clients out of their small workshop for decades. Tucked in their historic building on South Royal Street, the team at Alx&Co. brings a personalized, modern approach to their craft – this is not your average stodgy jeweler or antique shop. Visit them during their walk-in hours or online to view their collection of handmade fine jewelry or to drop off a repair project; or, if you’re feeling creative, make an appointment to talk about that custom design project you’ve been imagining.  |

121-B South Royal Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314


Design Studio Walk-In Hours (all jewelry services): Wednesday – Saturday 12-6pm
Silver Workshop Walk-In Hours (all silver repair and restoration services): Wednesday or Friday 12-6pm, or by appointment

Appointments encouraged for custom design.

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