Why Dr. Perricone is Ahead of the Curve

About 19 years ago, I first heard about the concept of micro-tearing. What in the world, was micro-tearing? In the midst of all the physical exfoliation I was doing…I loved my scrubs…a dermatologist came on the scene saying that people should stop using them because they were causing microscopic tears on our skin that caused wrinkles. I was aghast. He suggested that chemical exfoliation was a better approach and not because I necessarily knew or believed he was right, but more out of a better safe than sorry approach, I stopped using strong physical exfoliators. Fast forward to present day and this is pretty much the belief of every dermatologist I’ve spoken to.

Who was this dermatologist? His name is Dr. Nicholas Perricone. In addition to his warnings about physical exfoliation, he prescribed a holistic approach to skincare. One that included a healthy diet. A healthy diet of antioxidants, vegetables and fatty fish rich in Omega – 3 fatty acids was prescribed. The reason was for this diet which eliminates sugars, flour and most non-vegetable carbohydrates was to combat inflammation. Dr. Perricone was ringing the alarm on inflammation before we even knew it was something other than puffy skin. He noted early on that it wasn’t just present in skin diseases, it was also responsible for aging skin. He then began to look at wrinkles as a disease, since inflammation was present when damage to skin tissue resulted in wrinkles. He realized that in every disease he studied whether cancer or wrinkles, inflammation was present. He then began his war on inflammation.

At the time of his discovery, he was roundly considered to be alarmist. Most other dermatologists and scientists beloved that inflammation was a byproduct of the disease and not a cause. Today the majority of these professionals agree that inflammation is a precursor to disease.


Fighting inflammation in our bodies is a huge part of our overall wellness. For this reason, I was fascinated by Dr. Perricone’s skin care line. For years, I tried to use his products believing him to be a visionary in his field. So why have I never carried the line? This will sound ridiculous, but it was for one reason and one reason only…the smell. I mentioned that Dr. Perricone is a huge proponent of Omega -3 fatty acids from fish. These fatty acids were a main component of his creams and serums and the smell of fish was so strong that I could not stand the smell on my face. As a result, I could not sell it.

I am excited to tell you that he has finally heard our call and reformulated the line to include the rich anti-inflammatory ingredients, but without the offensive smell. I am beyond thrilled. I cannot wait to add his cult product Cold Plasma to my daily regimen now that I don’t have to smell like salmon to do it. Dr. Perricone is a visionary and understands that inflammation is the real evil in the anti-aging battle. The fabulous textures of these products are reason enough to give them a try. Add the science and the fact that at the age of 70 the doctor looks pretty darn good, and I’m a believer.



Come by and try it out for yourself. The secret to the fountain of youth? Eat blueberries, avocados, fatty fish and use your Dr.Perricone products. I know I will.


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  1. Avatar Barbara Baron Egan says:

    How can you tell if you buy this product if it is the new one formulated without that awful smell? Is there something on the label that differentiates it from the older, smelly version?

  2. Angela Sitilides Angela Sitilides says:

    Great question! The new version spells out the word PLUS on the jar. It also has a white stripe along the bottom. The old version just says Cold Plasma+.

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