How Not To Overpack: The Surprisingly Simple Solution

Do you overpack? We just had Memorial Day Weekend, which, if you went away was a simple two- to three-day trip. But so many of us pack as if we’ll be gone a week or more. I’m just as guilty! When I stepped back a moment to mindfully dwell on my overpacking issues, I made a huge discovery: I overpack because my suitcase is too big. Room in my suitcase? Fill it up! My “just in case” attitude ran wild because, to me, my suitcase was half empty as opposed to half full.


My One-Step Solution?

I bought a much smaller suitcase. A lime green carry-on, to be exact. I love it. How do I manage packing now? Very carefully. Besides packing clothing basics such as underwear, one pair of PJs, and flip-flops (I can’t live without them), I carefully review my itinerary and pack accordingly. A great rule of thumb is to wear the same outfit to and from your destination, then pack garments that do double duty:


This A-line dress is roomy and has a bit of stretch, perfect for when you need to shift in your seat.
And with this cutie, you can hit the ground ready and raring to go!


Sleek and on-trend, this sporty dress is perfect for sight-seeing, shopping, lunching, and cocktailing!


A maxi dress is your best friend. It is perfect for evening yet is also appropriate for day.


Accessories are critical when packing for a brief trip. Stick to one pair of shoes (yes, you can!) and one jacket,
but use those accessories to change the look. See, you really should buy that jewelry!


With some thoughtful ingenuity, you will have space left in your suitcase to fill it with that gorgeous outfit you found on your trip!


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