The Summer Sale at TSALT: “Let the games begin!”

Sale season has officially begun at TSALT! This week got off to a great start but there are still many great deals to be snapped up. When brands such as Elizabeth and James, PH15, Marie St. Pierre, Alice + Olivia, Frame, and Apiece Apart are reduced at 30 percent off, it’s time to celebrate the kick off of summer.

Personally, I like to look at sale as an exercise in strategic planning. I’ll hit a sale early to see if that piece that I’ve had my eye on is still available in my size. When it’s there, I get it immediately. Then I keep my eyes open for some great core items, like denim, tanks, or outerwear. Depending on my budget, I’ll either go ahead and purchase pieces now or I’ll wait them out.

We’ve all heard the saying, “If it’s meant to be…” which refers to walking away from some of the deals to see if you can score them during the next set of mark downs. You do risk missing out, but it’s a good practice not to be impulsive. However, if you are still thinking about these pieces the following day or maybe the following week, it might be a good idea to go back and try it on again. Ask yourself how many ways you can wear it and if it will be something you’ll love next year, three years from now, and even five years from now.

Dresses are always worth considering if you know you will be needing some for upcoming events or even professionally. The caveat is that you must remember that you purchased these pieces so that you will wear them once the occasion does roll around. One great tip is to photograph them immediately upon purchasing and keeping the images flagged so you can scroll through them when it’s time. Then you have the image on your phone to accessorize when you are out looking for shoes or jewelry.

Below I’ve put together a collection of sale finds at TSALT. Some are pieces I would consider useful in a wardrobe and others are unusual items that could add value to a closet full of basics. I also included some pieces that are now feeling more affordable at the sale price!

Let the games begin!


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