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CocoonAqua Hydration Pad

If you haven’t stepped inside Ft Hunt Massage and Spa, you are missing out! From the outside, it may seem like a small, limited-service spa, however the minute you step inside you realize this spa is in a league of its own. Their range of offerings and depth of knowledge is what you would expect to find in an award-winning spa in Beverly Hills or Miami…and we have it here in Alexandria!

With seven treatment rooms, more than 2,000 SF of space, and a team of highly qualified professionals, Ft Hunt Massage and Spa is your one-stop shop for everything your body craves and needs. They provide a wide scale of offerings: massage, body treatments, acupuncture, facials, nail care, red light therapy, hydrotherapy, and energy healing, with a focus on alternative healing and overall wellness.

I stopped in to check out their newest treatment the “Aqua Cocoon Spa,” the world’s first steam infrared-infusion wellness pod. This treatment mimics a natural European hot thermal spring soak and there are only FOUR in the U.S. The best way I can describe it is a “healthy” sauna. You don’t lose liquids like a regular sauna, instead, you are getting hydrated and taking in vitamins, meaning you are burning true calories rather than just losing water weight. You also won’t experience an elevated heart rate or headaches like many do in a typical sauna.

I started my treatment with a 15-minute session in their full-body, red-light therapy bed. This treatment naturally activates your body to produce collagen and protein, essential elements for muscle and skin renewal, as well as strengthen the immune system by increasing your red blood cell count.

Then it was Aqua Cocoon time! The Aqua Cocoon looks a little like a space shuttle, but have no fear, it is completely comfortable, and you are in control of everything! Before getting in, Szilvia, one of the owners, will walk you through the process and help you select your vitamin blend:

A detox blend for your skin and organs

Vitamins A, B, C, D

Mineral Blend
Calcium, selenium, magnesium

Bright and Luminous
An exfoliation blend to lighten and brighten

Weight Management
COQ to speed up metabolism used in conjunction with
celliminate (anti-cellulite massage) to targets fat cells


The session is 20-minutes long. You lay on your back with your head out (no claustrophobia!) and select the temperature; anywhere between 77-118 degrees is recommended. Built-in infrared lamps over your chest, stomach, and lower legs are used to heat your body so your pores open and allow the vitamins and minerals being released into the cabin to be absorbed. These nutrients will enter your blood steam in a matter of minutes, hydrating you from head to toe and inside out. The lamp over your chest helps the immune system, over your stomach to help inflammation and gut health, and on your legs to help with blood circulation. The microvibration of the bed will break up fat cells and cellulite, which helps with weight management and will help to loosen sore muscles and stiff joints.

After my sessions I felt relaxed and refreshed. My skin was hydrated — even my elbows were smooth! — and my face was dewy and plump with hydration! What is even more amazing: the price point. A session in the Aqua Cocoon is only $30!! And the red-light treatment is $20, sold in a package to ensure results.

Here in the U.S., we are so quick to put our health on the back burner, Ft Hunt Massage and Spa aims to make your health a priority by providing easy access to the world’s best treatments at an unmatched price. At Ft Hunt Massage and Spa, you will receive personalized care and a custom plan to fit your needs to help guide you towards a life of complete wellness.

Check out their website for everything they have to offer or give Szilvia a call to discuss your needs and she will be happy to make recommendations!


1300 Lafayette Drive | Alexandria, VA 22308 | 703.765.7275 | fthuntmassagebooking@gmail.com


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