Street Style: Adrien of Alexandria Wellness

As a leading wellness professional for nearly two decades, Adrien is Alexandria’s go-to coach for all things health, fitness, and wellness. What makes Adrien stand out in the saturated world of fitness, is her comprehensive and holistic approach that she brings to her clients. The foundation of her work focuses on establishing healthy habits, tweaking daily routines, and analyzing her clients in a 360-degree way. When she’s not doing push-ups and sprints in her backyard, you can find Adrien cuddling with her two 16-year-old kittens Nellie and Georgie, redesigning her backyard for even more fitness, or playing Trivial Pursuit with her family.

Without further ado, let’s get to know Adrien of Alexandria Wellness.


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How long have you lived in Alexandria? I’ve lived in Alexandria for 30 years.

Favorite item of clothing in your closet? My fluffy cream-colored Sundry sweater from The Hive. I wear it almost daily, especially now that I am outdoors and it’s been chilly lately!

Biggest inspiration? My clients and my purpose to help others get truly well – for good – like I have.

Dogs or cats?  My precious 16-year-old kitties – Nellie and Georgie. We are all obsessed with them!






How long have you owned your gym? I don’t own a gym anymore. Previously, I owned Fitness on the Run for 16 years. I started Alexandria Wellness in January of 2019.

What inspired you to start your (new) business? Listening to hundreds of women’s stories of struggle with their wellness and really don’t know where to find a one-stop-shop for Fitness, Food, Stress, Sleep, Calendar, and all it takes to be truly and holistically well. Working out, while awesome post-45, is not enough. You and your wellness deserve more.

What are three of your favorite go-to quarantine exercises/movements? Crawling, jumping, handstands, and pike push ups -a tie!

Most influential athlete of all time? Gabby Reece!

Favorite movement/lift? Crawling! Duh, is there anything else?!






How can the community support you and your employees during this time? Help each other get well – wholly well. Not just exercise. Not just diet. I mean well. If you or their companies are ready to take it to the next level, ring me up. I’ve had a big upswing in my corporate work lately and am digging it. My corporate clients are getting as fit and well as my concierge and fitness clients right now.

One act of kindness you’ve witnessed? My clients, no question. They could see I was concerned for my business when we were quarantined, and they have supported me through and through. They regularly ask me how I am doing, bring little gifts of kindness, or just share how they are so grateful we’ve created this awesome community. I pinch myself every day and am so thankful for each and every one of them. I’m blessed beyond measure to keep doing what I do best: coach women who want real and permanent change through tiny habits.

Favorite new hobby? Redesigning my backyard for more play and fitness!

Top must-read books? American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins, and The Bible.

Binge-worthy suggestion(s)? The James Bond movies, See’s Candy Black Licorice Bites, and Bill’s famous enchiladas for dinner.

What local business have you supported this week? The Shoe Hive, Stomping Ground, Mishas, and Bellacara.

Favorite carry-out restaurant? Stomping Ground!

Favorite family pastime? Trivial Pursuit is a favorite!

Go-to at-home workout? Crawl, roll, carry, pull-ups, and hill sprints.




Pictured above are Adrien’s 16-year-old kitties, Nellie and Georgie. To learn more about Adrien and Alexandria Wellness, check out her website at and follow Adrien on Instagram at @alexandriawellness.


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