My Obsession with Go Clean Co

I never thought cleaning was my “thing.” Don’t get me wrong, I like a clean house, but my busy schedule has never allowed me to get knee-deep in cleaning my own home…Well, thanks to quarantine, some extra time, and my newfound obsession with the Go Clean Co Instagram account all that has changed!

Go Clean Co is a female-owned professional cleaning company based out of Canada. In three months they have grown their Instagram following from 10,000 to over 450,000 people. Go Clean Co is teaching those of us who rarely cleaned their own home, not only how to clean but how to clean correctly with only a few basic products.



I love how almost every product they recommend can be found at Costco, that less than 20 products are needed to clean your entire home, and they have a system – left to right, top to bottom…one room at a time. Nothing is overwhelming, it is simple and effective.

If the simplicity didn’t convenience you, check out their 30+ Instagram videos on how to clean anything from your Vitamix to your jetted tub. Their before and after videos will leave you saying, “No way!” “I gotta try!”

They also have fabulous sayings that just speak to my heart:
Bleach Pray Love
Go Clean Army
Time is the new currency

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen my recent Instagram stories about “laundry stripping” – a gross yet satisfying trend to revive laundry. The purpose of laundry stripping is to remove detergent residue, fabric softener, minerals from hard water, and body oils that have collected on your laundry over time. It involves four simple products: Borax, Tide Powder, Arm & Hammer Washing soda, and optional Calgon water softener. The process is this: soak clean laundry of like colors in a bathtub filled with hot water and the cleaning mixture. Stir every hour for four – six hours and the result is some of the most disgustingly satisfying brown water you will ever see. I stripped both mine and my husband’s workout gear, as well as our clean white towels, and was shocked every time.







Next week I’m going to talk about how tide, hot water, and bleach can solve 90% of your homes cleaning problems.


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  1. Avatar Lynne says:

    Hi, Britt,
    Every word you said echoes how I feel about cleaning and Go Clean Co.! I am also obsessed with their videos. I, of course, downloaded the Cleaning Army Handbook, and am a proud owner of a big box of Tide powdered laundry detergent. At the start of quarantine, I was frantically tying to find disinfecting wipes, which I used to clean everything. Now I am a graduate of the, “Bleach, Pay, Love” school of thought. I haven’t tried stripping my laundry yet, but I will. Lastly, I would add, “You dirty bastards” to the list of fabulous sayings!

    • Avatar Angie Edrington says:

      Hey! What is included in the handbook that I can’t find on their instagram??? I’m in love with them but also pinching pennies!!

  2. Avatar Lynne says:

    I think I fat-fingered my previous comment. I meant to say, “Bleach, Pray, Love”

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