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And we want to make sure you are in the know about the coolest things in our community to make your life even richer and fuller. From restaurant reports to first-hand notes on topics far and wide, our contributors share a wealth of ideas, funny stories, and lots of entertainment recommendations.

An Engagement Story: Emily & Ethan

Emily and Ethan make up one of those couples you meet that leaves you thinking that two people could not be better suited for each other. They are both tall, blond, and make […]

The Keto Diet: What Is It? Is It Right for You?

You probably know someone following it, are trying it yourself, or maybe you’re just wondering why everyone is going crazy about it. While the ketogenic diet might seem new and trendy, it’s actually […]

Back to School?! Not Quite, But It *Is* Time for the ACPS Backpack Drive

I know it sounds crazy to be writing about Back to School already. For crying out loud, we just ended the school year and have only begun to enjoy summer vacation! So why […]

Kiskadee’s European Vacation: Packing for Portugal

Chuck the image of the Griswold’s vacation…you are in for a treat! So many of our customers are heading overseas this summer…to France, Italy, Ireland, and, recently, Croatia! There is no glamping involved […]

Our Top Picks for the Week of July 16, 2018

In this week’s top picks: cabana boys. Well, not really. But with this fun wine glass, you can lament your lack of one. What you can have: the Chesapeake Bay (watercolored on a pillow); a […]

Paris? Non. Spanish Style? Sí.

I took a three-week hiatus in Spain and Morocco late May through early June, briefly touching down in Paris and London. Having spent the most time in — and been the most inspired […]

Celebrate in (Colorful) Style

We constantly make a big deal about weddings, and rightly so as they are a wonderful event in our lives that marks a commitment to another person and a celebration of family. I […]

The Perfect Notebook, Period.

Somehow we are already halfway through the year! School is out, vacations are underway, and we are desperately trying to find ways to savor these long summer days. While we can’t slow down […]

A Restoration Story: A Tiffany Sterling Basket, Squashed

Every once in a while, we have the opportunity to work on a restoration job that truly challenges Lawrence’s skills as a silversmith. A few months back, a client walked in with the […]

Here’s How To Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day is coming up on July 15th. This year, I didn’t attempt my Ice Cream Crawl, because forcing myself to get ice cream every day for a week, while fun […]

How To Combat Sweat (without Compromising Your Style)

If you were outside this past week, you know the humid D.C. summer has officially arrived. The question isn’t if you will sweat…it’s how much will you sweat. When I dress my clients, […]

Our Top Picks for the Week of July 9, 2018

This week is all about extra special presentations, from an asymmetrical statement clutch to architectural candles, from a whimsical serving platter to elegant and ethereal perfume oil. A (way, way) better way to […]

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Moviegoers will be thrilled to learn what’s coming to Crystal City in 2019 — and even more thrilled that they don’t have to wait until then! Alamo Drafthouse is bringing the ultimate movie-going […]

Independents Week: On Owning and Operating Our Own Business

It’s Independents Week, which means we at Alx&Co. are celebrating two themes: our independence as citizens (Voting! Checks and balances! Civil rights!) and also as business owners (Not working for “The Man!”). In […]

Happy Independents Week! (That’s Not a Typo!)

We all know that Wednesday is Independence Day, but did you know that your local, independent shops are also celebrating Independents Week? July 1st through 7th marks a week-long celebration of independent businesses. Developed and […]

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