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Our Top Picks for the Week of September 16, 2019

This week’s top pick’s are about taking care of yourself – in style, of course. Take time to exfoliate with these fun sugar scrub cubes, look good while reading the fine print with […]

Walk To Bust Cancer

Get your family and friends together for a little exercise to support a great cause! Whether it’s a family member, neighbor, co-worker or friend, we all know someone that has been touched by […]

Our Top Picks for the Week of September 9, 2019

This week’s top picks encompass a day in the life of being mom. Get your kids on the bus looking adorable with these backpacks and snack packs…plus, give them a special treat in […]

Guide To Virginia Vineyards

Pumpkin spice is officially back on every menu (seriously, every menu) and football is on every TV…and we’re not complaining about either of those things. Fall is officially around the corner which means […]

Your Complete Guide To Seamless Out Of State Flower Ordering

We’ve all needed to send flowers cross-country, whether it’s for a funeral service or to celebrate a loved one’s milestone birthday. For many of us, there’s a certain anxiety linked to using an […]

Recreation Report: Kayaking

Paddles up! Last Saturday morning was absolutely beautiful. It was one of those mornings that calls for an outdoor adventure. It was a little balmy, so anything water related would be the ideal […]

How To Use Up All The Items In Your Fridge

This summer I bet you purchased enough bagged salad that you promptly threw away three days later after it started to look sad, water logged and wilted. Don’t feel too bad, one third […]

Family Vacation and Reflection

As many of you know, last week our little shop was open by appointment only while Tim and I ventured far, far north for our annual family retreat. I wanted to share with […]

What To See On Screen And Stage

Last week I had the opportunity to attend two really wonderful shows and I felt compelled to tell you about them. The first was the movie Blinded by the Light and the second, Assassins at […]

Our Top Picks for the Week of August 26, 2019

It’s back to school time and we’ve got you and your kiddos covered. Kids will look cool with these super-cute backpacks and you’ll look cool in this beautiful lace skirt and fun lip […]

Alexandria’s Best Breakfast Sandwiches

There’s nothing quite like the combination of eggs, bacon, cheese and a hard roll to start your day off right. Whether you’re looking for an easy-going Saturday breakfast, or easing into Sunday after […]

August Birthstone Report: Peridot

Peridot gemstones tend to elicit a rather strong reaction: you either love them for their luminescent lime-green hue, or you can’t back away from them fast enough. No matter your feelings towards their […]

How To Decode A Restaurant Menu

Did you read Kitchen Confidential? I remember when everyone I knew was all aflutter because Anthony Bourdain cautioned readers not to eat the fish special on the Sunday brunch menu as it was […]

Looking For The Perfect Gift?

I’ve been like a kid at Christmas waiting all summer for August 13th! And it is a bit like Christmas for me because it’s the NY NOW gift show baby!! This is my third […]

Our Top Picks for the Week of August 19, 2019

It’s hard to say goodbye, but summer is coming to an end. While this has many people shedding a tear, our top picks will put a pep in your step as they get […]

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